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Momoi Satsuki Defense Squad

network page | application | badge

✧ Rules ✧

  • reblog this post.  you may like for reference but likes won’t be counted.
  • mbf me and fyeahmomoi
  • you must fill out the application.
  • take a look at some of the other members’ blogs!  you don’t have to follow them, but it’s a great way to make friends.
  • put the badge somewhere on your blog if you’re accepted.
  • preferably have an organized blog with some sort of tagging system.  it’ll give you a better shot at being chosen.
  • use the correct pronouns and be kind/respectful to other members.
  • reblog knb sometimes.
  • must be willing to defend our precious pink princess with your heart and soul.

✧ Benefits ✧

  • you can find cool new friends that share your intense love for Momoi Satsuki!!
  • have a cute badge of her on your blog that’s awesome right??!
  • hopefully see a lot more Momoi fanwork on your dash!?
  • officially pledge your love to our favorite mangager!

✧ Notes ✧

  • you don’t have to be an anime only blog!  i certainly am not, haha.
  • again, you do not have to follow all of the members in the network, but you certainly can!
  • you don’t have to provide your skype, but i might set up a skype group chat for those that do!
  • there’s no specific number of people that will be accepted, it just depends on how many people apply.
  • i will start adding members as soon as i’m able to, but i’ll let this post circulate for a few days first.
  • if you have any issues with the application, please let me know.  this is the first network i’ve made, so i’m sort of new to it!
  • badge credit
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